datestampThursday, February 7, 2008


Our dear friends the Jones Family have moved to Texas. We put together a scrapbook for them and these are three of the pages we made:

Sisters ~ Friends

W's contribution. Notice the handmade doodles and random staples. He's a natural!

I love these pictures of the boys. If ever two boys needed a nap! This was the day after W's birthday.......I guess they partied pretty hard.

Shauna and I put together some road trip survival kits for the boys. Notice the 'Fresh & Easy' bag...I guarentee there's nothing fresh, but hopefully the treats made mom & dad's life a little easier on a long drive.

File folder coloring books. I tried to find printable coloring pages to suit the boys favorites and for the 5 year old, tracer pages with Houston and Texas for him to practice.

It was fun to put a little something together.
I am so thankful for good friends!

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