datestampWednesday, February 20, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

Every kids gotta have their 'ears' on their first visit. Spanky would have had two pairs, but they no longer allow nick-names. Some moron sued them because they were offended by the nickname someone had on their hat. Seriously. Ugh, anyways Spanky's ears light cool is that?

Favorite rides: Buzz Lightyear and the teacups....this is the kid who gets all excited to go to the office supply stores so that he can sit in an office chair and have dad spin him. So it was really no surprize that he loved the tea cups, especially when dad had us spinning as fast as he could!

Photo-Op....had to have proof I was there....Spanky is really into it............

...this is what he was looking at and why he couldn't wait to ditch mom! Garrrrrr...........

Overall fabulous day. Lessons learned: *Spanky may not be the only one requiring a change of clothes (Digger was 100% soaked from the waist down on Splash Mountain and is now the proud owner of $28 Mickey Mouse sweat pants~~~the ONLY pants available for men in the park, trust me!) *Toon Town closes earlier than the rest of the park, good thing Spanky doesn't know what he's missing. *When trying to get your kid chosen for the Jedi Training Academy, tell them to be as OBNOXIOUS as possible.....politely raising his hand did Spanky no good, the only tears shed the whole day. Next time my little Padawan, next time!

Thank you Grammy and Gramps...wish you could have joined us. XOXOX

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