datestampTuesday, February 26, 2008

Rather than bore you or completely gross you out with our stories of I want to direct your attention to...Aimee Ray, artist extradordinaire! I love her childhood hero series. Crystal Gayle, Shel Silverstein, Jacques Cousteau, Bob Ross~~yes, happy little trees!

Today the sickies are feeling much better and an effort to not watch tv all day, we are doing worksheets and a quickie craft project. E, 3yo is practicing her writing by tracing a star shape and W, 5yo is practicing his cutting, but cutting out a star shape. Then both kid-o's are gluing packing peanuts to a paper in a star shape...sort-of. Then I let them go crazy making whatever their little minds dream up.

I have a major craft project of my own to work on for young womens for tomorrow night, so I am really going to do my best to get 'er done today and not 5 minutes before I need to be at church. Ha!

What are you doing today?

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