datestampTuesday, March 4, 2008

Birthday Favorites

Happy Birthday to me...32 today! Saw this cute idea on Emilie's blog. You answer all the questions using only google image search...

favorite color *aquamarine*

favorite animal

a bad habit

favorite food *manicotti*

favorite objects

town you live in

my name

favorite song *someday we'll be together*

my job

favorite author
*maya, not the monster*

place i would like to travel
buenos aires, argentina
*diggie sweetheart...for a visit...not to go live there...just to be a tourist....unless hillary is elected, then we can move least for four years ;o)*

favorite dessert *it's like next to impossible to really find a picture of my favorite dessert, but this came close...peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce....yum*

a picture of misha

It just never dawned on me to grab my camera when Spanky started using the toilet, but lots of moms do I guess. Here's one more Misha for you....he's my favorite boy Misha:::::

Another fav o' mine, lemon cake with chocolate frosting...I'm off to bake yummy cupcakes! Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Emilie Ahern said...


Love your list.

Burgess said...

Hey, I love that list, too! I love your blog and I am inspired by it! You're so creative and a fun mom!
Sorry I missed your birthday and missed seeing you last month -- hope you had a good one!
See you soon!

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