datestampTuesday, March 11, 2008

Professor Hawking

Yesterday, I caught most of a Charlie Rose show about Stephen Hawking. It was really interesting. I remember being impressed with Prof. Hawking in High School, just based on the huge odds he's tackled physically. He really is amazing. The conversations on yesterdays show were with several scientists and the topics were fascinating. Don't get me wrong,I don't pretend to understand physics AT ALL. But they were talking about other dimensions and about basically the Spirit World. Of course they didn't call it that, but as a member of the church it's sort of common knowledge. So I guess mathematically, there are scientists trying to prove it's existence...that of a dimension which resides right here, only we can't see it.
Prof. Hawking wrote a kids book with his daughter Lucy explaining things like black holes. I haven't yet read it, but I plan to.

Prof. Hawking was also talking about the need to colonize other planets not because we are destroying our own, in fact he said that the earth will is our species that is in jeopardy. I don't know his religious beliefs, but it would seem that he doesn't believe in Heavenly Father or that Christ will be returning or in the Resurrection, which of course I do. So then I was thinking that based on my personal beliefs, we really don't need to so much colonize other planets, but I do think we need to take better care of the one we are on.
I went on a search this morning for practical, real ideas to help the Strunk Fam go green...even if at first it is a pale shade. I was overwhelmed. It seems that for every seemingly good idea, there is an opposite opinion. Like buying paper towels, bad right? Then I see something saying washing cloth towels is equally evil. COME ON! Where to start? I have common sense...I can figure out some of the more simple ideas...make fabric bags for the grocery store, etc. Have you seen a site, have an idea, etc...that can help me?

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