datestampFriday, March 14, 2008

Two New Layouts

First up is one of my Grandparents! I love them so much. This is for a Scrap Faith Challenge...see here. I used part of the Maya Angelou poem 'Alone' and my own journaling to try to convey how my Grands have always been there for me. I went through some really lonely times as a teenager living on my own, but here they'd come to pick me up. They'd drive back and forth, so I wouldn't have to eat dinner alone, among many other getting me the apartment, so I wouldn't have to go back into the foster care system or worse. I devoured everything written by Maya in those years and was (and still am) effected by her boldness, kindness and creativity. Thank you Grammy & Gramps!

This LO is to document our little five year old flirt. Here's the story...we're standing in line for the Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland and he's being a total turd...just making grump faces and trying hit dad, so I start taking pictures. I can see he's starting to look past me, then I see this cute grin...I mean the switch totally flipped. For one brief moment, I thought he was hamming it up for me, then I glanced over my shoulder. There's a pretty dark haired girl, much older than him. He does his best Joey (from Friends) "How you doin'?" look and.... Ah ha! Dad and I started teasing him, asking if she was prrrrettttty.....and then we got the crinkled up nose, embarrassed Grump back. Gotta love him!

Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo M

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