datestampTuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Day one of No TV Week was a success, I think. We made it through the day with music, books and fun activities. In the a.m. my 3 y.o. daycare cutie and I sorted out the broken crayons and peeled off all of the paper. We sorted them by color into my muffin tin and during nap I melted them in the oven, then put the tin in the freezer after it had cooled a bit. The big kids had fun with the new crayons after school.
In the evening, Spanky rode his bike and we played checkers. At bed time we had to fudge a little........the kid has gone to sleep with a movie on for years. I tried to read a book to him and then let him have a toy, but he just couldn't get to the movie went on.
Today I have several ideas for earth day projects...I'll decide later what we actually do.
Happy Earth Day!

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