datestampFriday, October 3, 2008

Conference Cleaning

This weekend is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints semi-annual general conference. Although I kinda miss going to church to watch the broadcast (that is still an available option), it is pretty darn convenient to be able to pick it up on t.v., cable, radio or in our case this year the Internet. And there is something about conference that puts me in the mood to clean, so it's nice to be home. Case in point: you could right now eat off the floor under my fridge or even the top of my fridge. My house literally smells like heaven, thanks to this awesome product and my lovely consultant! My spray bottles were filled at 9am and now at almost 1pm they are 1/2 empty, I am currently to the point where I am washing the tools I use to clean (brooms...mop heads...rags...etc.) and all this cleaning I've been doing while stopping to play/change diapers/kiss ouchies/clean up potty training accidents/fix lunch/and answer important questions like "Why?" Good question little one...

So why can't I be this productive everyday? I don't know-I bet I could come up with some excuses, but for today it sure feels good. Tomorrow I'll wash and prep a laundry basket full of produce and put it away in a clean fridge. There will be space in the organized freezer for 5 loaves of bread. At 9am I will snuggle my almost 6yo and start to clean out the cobwebs, doubts, and my head and be spiritually cleansed by Prophets, Seers and Revelators....good men and good women who love the Lord and want to share all they know to be true. So why don't I let their words heal me everyday? I could, I should.......I will do better, but for 8 hours (4 two hour sessions) this weekend I will pay attention, take notes and try to remember.

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Marily said...

Thanks for the nice post. Well written--loved the transition from cleaning your home to listening to the words of prophets. Purification, how about that?

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