datestampTuesday, October 14, 2008

Whatever we do to show our children we love them, nothing can replace times when we give them our complete attention. I believe that the children who have learned that there will be such times for them are the ones who are at least likely to demand it and to compete for it.

~Fred Rogers

Dig is working a later shift for the next couple of weeks, which I am not a fan of. Call me greedy, but I like to hang out with him in the evenings. The mornings are hectic getting lunches made, kids getting dropped off, etc., but today I was thinking about last nights time with Spanky. After the daycare kids were picked up, we had a good two hours to ourselves. We washed the dog, picked up toys, put away laundry and washed the dishes together. We missed dad too and his ears had to be ringing from all the lovey-dovey things we were saying about him. Getting chores done was not a problem, in fact it was fun. I suggested we try to get as much done as possible before dad comes home and we took off, working at fever pitch, together. We were able to talk while getting things done, about his day at school and he quizzed me on "How many more days to my birthday party?" He sang the little duck song he's learned and told me all the classroom happenings.

I have resolved to be supportive, even if I pray that this doesn't turn permanent. And I'll spend this time off the computer and 100% focused on the other man in my life.....

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