datestampFriday, November 14, 2008

this week... update to my gallery. It's been too long. My scrap skills have been used for many projects, but not really for much real scrapbooking. It was fun to play making these for McKenzie, my SIL serving a mission in London:

(A Bazzill mini album full of embellies, ready for her to add pictures of some of the exciting things she's already seeing in England!)

(A Bazzil Lickety Slip page protector with 4x6 pockets to showcase the lovely people who take the time to write her letters. It's double sided and she can hang it on her walls over the next 18 months.)

...still working on knitting baby hats and soon I'll be stitching them with my new-to-me surger (thank you mommy-in-law, I'm so spoiled.) Plan to hit the DI tomorrow in search of good shirts to use for them. Check out the updates to the mama-to-mama site, they've added receiving blankets to the needs list.

...went to Spanky's Parent/Teacher Conference yesterday. My kid rocks. He's doing so well and he's just blossomed this year.....he's started reading, LOVES math and is kind and helpful to the teachers and other kids. I am truly blessed to have this kid in my life and to have found this awesome Montessori school that fits us to a tee!

...talked to the kids Tuesday about Veterans Day and I happen to have the perfect display...a shadow box of my Grandpas medals with a picure of him in his uniform (so handsome!) Spanky made him a card and drew an American flag on the front, very cute.

...started going to the new gym. Yoga Tuesday night was good, but I started crying from sheer frustration (mostly with myself)...quietly, no one could tell, because the lights were turned off, thank heaven. I really like yoga, it's good for me, but I need a slow deliberate set of movements with focus on breathing and correct positions. This was a little too fast for me and when there was something that was too difficult, there wasn't really an easier option. Like on exercise videos, when there are three people doing the same thing at different levels....yeah, I need that first level. But I have a really good beginners yoga video, so I will keep doing that and keep going to class and soon I'll be a bendy Misha pretzel! I really like the Goddess feels so POWERFUL! I wasn't brave enough to go to Pilates last night, so Dig and I did the elliptical machines while Spanky played basketball.

That's what we're up to.......what have you been doing?

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Susan said...

love the scrap stuff for your sis-in-law! so cute! I can't believe that you have made so many wonderful hats. I have a plan to start them, maybe I should just ship you a load of t's instead. I don't even have a working sewing machine right now. Thanks for the inspiration. I think that I would be the one crying in yoga class. LOVE YOU!

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