datestampFriday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Rocks!

WOW! It's been and gone~well gone here at least, I'm wasting NO time in de-Christmas-ing our house and since I opted to be Grinch Mom and get nothing out but the tree, my job is easy. Santa was uber sweet to us this year......maybe he went a wii bit overboard. I see frugalness as a 2009 theme for this family. Look at what Heidi has for FREE to support our theme. Eek!
My own Santa Baby wanted to go to school in this get up. He taped a cotton ball to the top of his red beanie.....wanted to tape cotton balls to his face, mom to the rescue (maybe closer to next Christmas I will have a tutorial for this beard I whipped up for Spanky.) >>>>>>>>>

Digger wanted to spread the joy at work with Coca~Cola in a real glass bottles. After 2 hours of driving around to different markets looking for them, I wanted to make sure they got the message! >>>>>>>>>>

Finally, after talking about it for a year, wii have started our own Rock Band. Check out Spanks on lead guitar (oh, and check out those jamma pants~Spanky chose 3 different skull patterns for this years Christmas tradition~also a tradition: mom getting them stitched up at the last possible minute,ugh!) >>>>>>>>>

Our doorbell doesn't work, but even if it did.......we wouldn't hear you anyways when we're rockin' out! Did you know you can sing on Rock Band? I am musically challenged, but I have words memorized to thousands of songs (can't watch Don't Forget the Lyrics because veins start popping out on my neck when people screw up the most simple songs! See, my blood pressure is up thinking about it.) So I sing in the privacy of my car or shower, not well, but I'm not making non-family hear it, so there you go. Now I get to rock out with the boys in my living room. They forgive me my voice, because mom, let's face it, carries the band. The drums and guitar are hard for me, but singing I get 90-100% most of the time, WOOHOO! And we've only had it one day.

The song blasting at the side bar right now is in honor of this awesome Adam Sandler movie we saw last night. SEE IT, take your kids, it's fun and I laughed (a lot!) and cried (just a little.) And when I saw this preview, I squeeked like a mouse! So exciting!

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