datestampWednesday, January 7, 2009

The first week of 2009 in pictures....

Happy New Year!
(come on, give us a break......... it's midnight and we unglued ourselves from Rock Band long enough to have a very unofficial countdown and take the first picture for Project 365!)
Let's Go Bowling!
(not just a cool 90's ska-punk band, it's our New Years Day tradition....Spanky ROCKed it with 4 spares!)
My favorite means I've been scrappin'......and no corners are safe!
whipping up a snazzy little journal for this far i am loving it!
snazzy little journal complete
(office max did NOT do good job with the spiral binding. now i'm looking in to a zutter bind-it-all....have one? used one before? whatcha think?)
attribute book
this is the jan. project for the class linked above. it's not finished because i've got some pressing projects to be completed first, but do you ever just have an idea that you have to get out of your brain and into reality? i had to get this one started. each page has an attribute as it's title and will have a picture of the family member i associate that attribute with. for page says DRAMATIC (who me?) it will have a picture of me and a quote.
Guitar Lessons.
Spanky loves to do the Big Rock Finish!
One of a few of those 'pressing' projects.......monogrammed journals (25 of them) for the Young Women of my ward for their birthdays.
See, nothing to pictures aren't artistic or fabulous, but there they are and they'll help me remember and journal and reflect.
Have a great week!


Shauna- said...

i love the photo of Spanky and Digger together playing the guitar. Super scrapping moment...maybe a framer for by Spanky's bed...Dad loves him.........

Hannah said...

I can hardly resist the urge to get up and dance whenever I hear ska. Cool song. Happy New year baby! love the books. How's the 365 thing going? Too bad I didn't see it til TODAY! Maybe late is ok?

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