datestampTuesday, March 17, 2009


i think this is spanky's leprechan impression:

yes, i am a little bit crazy. i tie dyed shirts with several small children-green of course. but the results are so great i think! and we really didn't make a mess. best of all, they love them and are all wearing them!

they gobbled their green eggs and guzzled their green milk before i could snap a picture at breakfast. i read green eggs and ham to them while they ate, which they loved. next up: green jell-o is chillin' in the fridge for afternoon snack!

lucky me, i am not feeling green i have to go with this day of feeling good and be productive!
happy st. paddy's to you!

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Anonymous said...

Cute shirt! I haven't tie dyed in a long time. I think Izzy and I will have to try that soon...

Oh, this is Burgess, not zane.

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