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...prego-ness has left me with a limited palate. I make something to eat, knowing I need to eat...but I just can't do it. Then all of a sudden I think of something delish (it's usually something I don't have to make) and I must have it. Such was the case in mid-February when inspiration struck at about 8pm on Friday night....must have Super Burrito (well they changed their name and painted fake bricks on the building, but to me it was still Super Burrito), NOW. Must have a quesadilla, chips and gobs of fresh pico, yummy.

It was pure heaven...

Then in March, mere days after my late night Mexican feast...we drove past to favorite hole in the wall was boarded up, OUT OF BUSINESS. Not fair.

I do realize that there is a Super Burrito (or ____berto''ve noticed that right, there's all of these little places with different names, but they all end in 'berto's, if we opened one it would be Digoberto's, ha!) on just about ever corner, but they were not MY special place, with horchata, friendly people and the bestest pico of all time.

and all of this they did to a picky-eater pregnant woman... I'm pouting!

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Susan said...

so sorry about that! I hope you find another cool little place like that.

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