datestampMonday, May 18, 2009

baby toes

Two friends had baby showers last week. If I were truly on the ball the little outfits they got would have been homemade, but......I did get little shoes made using this tutorial.

A pair for baby boy:
And a pair for a baby girl:No matter how I photographed these little pink cuties, I couldn't capture the glittery fabric. Trust me they sparkle. I also included a package of homemade thank you cards and found the cutest onesie at Hot Topic of all places. This family is totally into super hero's, so when Dig pulled a pink onesie off the rack featuring Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl that reads: Girl Power! I knew we had to buy it!
I sure hope baby cooperates on Thursday morning, so I can make more little shoes. Did you vote yet? See the top right.


lil mama said...

SO cute! Izzy's wardrobe when he was a baby was mostly from hot topic. We love that place!

I HAVE to learn how to sew!!

Susan said...

What cute little shoes. Maybe I will have to add one more thing to my list of things that I want to make. LOL! And as always, love the cards.

I can't wait until THURSDAY!

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