datestampWednesday, May 13, 2009

Making things is fun to do...

fun to do, to do, to do!

For my Grammy for her birthday, I whipped up some notecards and this cute holder (using this pattern.) It was pretty easy and fun. I will for sure use this template again. On the same daay, I made all of the cards I'd need for May, a package of thank you notes to go with a baby shower gift and a brag book. It feels good to have those days of mucho productivity. I am so in love with Bazzill's Dotted Swiss paper. I'll be stocking up this weekend when I get to take a class at Scrapbooks Etc.

After tie-dyeing 5 little boy shirts, this is the tangled, beautiful rubber band carnage. I had to take a picture of it. Isn't it pretty?

And here's my chicken boy in his yellow tie-dye shirt. The song they performed at the school picnic was in Portugese and they were so cute (even if all the feathers made me itch, eewww!)

Next up: *baby booties, rag dollys, scrap-scrap-and more scrapbooking! Woohoo!

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Susan said...

how fun! I love the note card holder, I wish that I was joining you at your class. I love that paper too! I really like the picture of the rubber bands. We are going to tie dye some more shirts this summer to go with our summer pj's, so fun! I love the chicken outfits!

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