datestampTuesday, July 7, 2009

cut, mark, stitch

I've finally got three whole listings up in my etsy shop! More is on the way and I am really excited about the 'crafting with kids' items I have in the works. Even figured out how to add that nifty little box to the right....ohhh, ahhh! Watch out!
I am saving my pennies for my Doula's fee and some necessary baby items I just can't make myself (namely, car seat.) Speaking of making baby things, it's about time I share a few little goodies I've been working on for my own little goodie! Without further ado, I present:
The first diaper!
Warning: It's addicting. I said....just this one and then I need to finish up other projects BEFORE I dive head first into serious diaper making...

...but one just wasn't enough. I've got a six-pack of newborn nappies and I made my templates for the next size up this morning! They are so dang cute (if I do say so myself!)
***No six is not enough newborn diapers, but I will be using prefolds and a few hand-me-downs. Plus, Axel is already a big boy, so I will be focusing on the size small for a serious stash.
Now remember that stash of fabric I bought in May? Here's what I've got completed so far...
Roll-up changing pad:

Soft blocks:

Drool bib:

Tag blankies:

Little pants:


lil mama said...

Oh my goodness! How cute! The diapers are to die for! You're so good!

Shauna- said...

You are THE BEST! Thanks for creating and sharing. You always inspire me to be more creative.


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