datestampMonday, August 24, 2009

Baby Bond

I found a nursing cover that rocks! Okay, so I haven't got to actually use it yet, but I have two of the styles and I've tried them on (lots!) and I think they will be perfect for little Axel and I in a few short weeks. I love, love, love it when a real mama comes up with a great idea and goes for it. Missy of Baby Bond is one such mama and so I emailed her and told her I think her and her product ROCK! She gave me a coupon code to share with other mama's who might want to give her cover a try. Check out and should you want to purchase, use the code MLS to save $10 ON EACH ITEM YOU BUY! Um, how cool is that??? Not off your total purchase, off each item!

Here's why I personally love this cover: baby is not covered up, just mom---made very well out of t-shirt knit, so not bulky or hot---solid colors, a girl has got to be able to wear it with more then one outfit and most covers are made from pretty, but wild prints---rolls up so small---has a removable burp cloth on the shoulder---can be used with normal tops, so I wont have to buy a bunch of nursing tops---the couture style can be used from the top of your shirt or bottom and will keep your tummy covered, awesome!---

Spanky hated being covered and would pull at the material I'd put over him, resulting me, joy. Plus, it's sort of hot here,'s like living in a dryer on high heat. Who wants a blanket over them in that? I know a lot of nursing moms who are so pro they can nurse and no one is the wiser. That wasn't me the first time around and my coordination hasn't improved in the last seven years!

I'd love to hear if you try one and I'll be updating my review sometime in October...or November!


becki said...

oh la la! I got your email about these and they look like the greatest invention ever! I love that they are so petite.

lil mama said...

COOL! If (or hopefully when) I have another kid I'm definitely getting one!!!

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