datestampWednesday, August 12, 2009


I had my boy all to myself this morning. I snuggled him, studied his perfect little face as he slept and thanked Heavenly Father for such a gift. I woke him up at the last minute to get ready for his first day of first grade.

He took a shower and I didn't have to hurry him, a first. He brushed his teeth, got dressed and combed his hair while I made his lunch. The clothes are all Spanky...he requested only one outfit for school, black jeans-red polo-red converse, and a mom has got to appreciate how well it all coordinates with his lunch bag. I offered to help him with his new shoes, but he said he'd get it. Next thing I know he announces he's tied his shoes all by himself, another first. I slip a love note into his lunch bag, amazed at how well I am keeping it together. Go Mom!
He asks if I'll take his picture, last year he tried to hide from me. I snap a few out front and we head out the door to share a pancake breakfast. He doesn't look twice at the play area, another first. Then we're off to school.

I walked him to the door of his new class. Thank heaven a kiss from mom is still acceptable. I got in my car before tears escaped and as I'm sitting there trying to hold it together, I realize I haven't signed him in yet. I find a napkin and try to adjust my face, get out, sign him in and then get back to my car before I am officially labeled The Crazy Mom.
You could blame it on pregger hormones, but....I did this last year and the year before. Probably will next year too. I love that kid and I know his awesome Montessori school is where he needs to be, or else I wouldn't be leaving him there.

Bet I am the first parent in car line! Is it 2:45 yet?


Ann said...

He is one terrific kid and I ought to know - I had two of the best to compare him to! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.
Love, Auntie

lil mama said...

Love his style! I love it when they start getting independent and picking our their own clothes.

You're lucky to have him and he's lucky to have you!

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