datestampMonday, September 7, 2009

I wonder...

...what kind of grand-mama-do I'll have as a little old lady. Short or long?

...if I will be mama or auntie to Rennah (I came up with the name and it has been our girl choice with both pregnancies. I have been asked to surrender it upon not having a girl by one of my SIL's. I said just wait until my ovaries shrivel up, please.)

...what Axel's birthday will be.

...where we'll live when we leave Arizona, someday.

...if the Holy Ghost will ever speak so clearly to me as he did when he said "Give Digger a chance." Twice.

...why on earth there is no chocolate in this house!

...what color to paint my toes. (Look at this post!) Totally want glitter toes!

...who our next President will be and if he'll be a better leader (and pray that he wont be worse.)

...if you love my new blog look as much as I do? Thank you, Angela!


Susan said...

LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK! It is so CUTE! I hope that you get to use the name Rennah someday. Glad that you are getting so much done.

Shauna- said...

Your new blog is soothing....I really like it! I wonder what I will do when you leave AZ someday...

We love you, don't give your name up yet, shriveled ovaries sound good to me as a timeline. I wonder when Axel will come too! So excited to have you close with a new baby coming. I can't wait to stand in line to hold your precious boy and celebrate with Spanky, welcoming him to the big brother club!!!!!!

I am grateful you listened to the spirit to give your guy a chance...I like him. He needs you too!

Paint your toes any color and know deep down, Axel won't care...he will be happy in your arms, snuggled and loved.

lil mama said...

LOVE the new blog look!!!

And nothing is better than a pedicure --especially when you can't reach your own toes!! You should treat yourself to one!

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