datestampThursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

(my pumpkin last year enjoying his birthday cake)

I love October! Halloween is fun. The Nightmare Before Christmas is out in theatres again (although, I wont be sitting through it this year, sadly---but I can always watch it at home.) It's slightly cooled down, just a tiny bit and there's a breeze in the air...seriously refreshing here in AZ. It's nice to have hope that there is an end to 110 degree heat. This weekend is General Conference, always uplifting and motivating.

Not to mention that October is home of my favorite little boys birthday. And, I'll have two favorite little boy's birthdays to celebrate in this fall month.

My bags are packed, the honey do list is printed off, my doula is programmed on the speed dial, the doc says all is ready and we're waiting on the contractions to start. So I'm signing out of blog land and I'll be eating spicy food and walking my legs off. As Digger's mom says..."I'd walk a mile for a mild labor!" Send all your happy labor and delivery thoughts this-a-way please!

Next post will feature a new Strunk!!!


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looking forward to the big update! Happy Baby Day!

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