datestampFriday, November 13, 2009

Little Brothers Keeper

I can't believe these pictures (not to mention my baby) are almost 6 weeks old. What I can believe is the love my big boy has for his first sibling. He sneaks kisses when he thinks I'm not looking. He tells me he wants to keep his little Max forever. He protects his baby from imaginary monsters when he plays. He decodes every cry and coo for his clueless parents.
I've spent many a moment (and I'm sure I'll spend many more) fretting over if I am doing a good job as The Mom. Am I teaching all that I should? Watching these two boys over the last few weeks has shown me that I am the one learning from them. They are such good little teachers, too.

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Tiffany said...

i remember this sweetness when my second was born. now i have two "protectors" over colette. though sometimes that protecting is a bit competitive and i have to step in to protect her from her protectors. :) time does fly with little ones.

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