datestampThursday, November 5, 2009

One month!

My sweet baby boy is one month old! He's so alert. He's wearing 3-9 month size clothes. His daddy blessed him on the first of the month at church. He's met a lot of his family and close family friends already. He's had three professional photo shoots! His hair has lightened up a little, darn it! His eyes are still a smokey blue. He loves bath time! He smiles and has a little chuckle thing he does in his sleep that is too sweet~it looks like angels are whispering in his ears.

Here's how we're doing:

Nursing>>> Since day one, little Max has been a pro nurser. I am not the most coordinated Mama on the planet, but I am getting better at breastfeeding in public without giving anyone a free show. And most important, our boy is gaining weight (almost to 12#) and thriving! (I do love my Baby Bond covers and the coupon for $10 off each cover you order is still good, the code is MLS. More on these and a picture soon.)
Sleep>>>I can't complain. We are co-sleeping at night and I hear his little hints that he's hungry before he has a chance to get worked up and start crying. Plus we've been using disposable diapers at night. He hates feeling wet and in cloth he had to be changed 2-3 times a night, which woke us all up. We will remedy this with cloth one size pocket diapers soon.

Diapers>>>I'll admit he hasn't been a totally cloth diapered baby thus far, see 'sleep'. My sweet little XS fitteds I made...never fit. So sad. The smalls, barely fit and probably wont next week. But I have plenty of prefolds, just not a ton of covers. People who say you only need 1-2 covers a day are full of it. All in all, my opinion is that cloth diapering is almost as easy as paper diapering and the benefits make it well worth it. And a cloth diapered tush is so much cuter!

Recovery>>>As we were taken to our room after delivery, I told my husband to remind me of the pain next time I got baby fever. I said I could be done, two was good for me. Now a month later I'm thinking...I could have another one. I haven't forgotten the pain of pushing or the monster hemorrhoids that made me cry, but is it all worth it? Yes. Totally. 100% The headaches are back and being without them for 18 months of my life has been worth it too.

Blues>>>My baby blues were never ending after Spanky was born. I thought I would never get over it and then I found out about my thyroid issues. So if it's that my thyroid is under control or I've had more support at the right time or whatever, I am thankful that the weepiness really only lasted a couple of weeks.

Work>>>I tend little ones in my home. I have a 4 month old daycare girl and two toddlers. I don't know how mothers of multiples do it 24-7. I'll leave it at that.

Family>>>Spanky is such an amazing big brother. Baby Max is a really good baby. Digger is a loving dad and husband. I am one blessed mama.


Susan said...

What a great post Misha! I love you!

Burgess said...

SO happy everyone is doing good!

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