datestampFriday, January 15, 2010

Stress Lip

It's all about the glamour around here today.

I get this thing, we call it Stress Lip. Sometimes Angelina Jolie Lip when it's just so. Today it's not 'just so.'

Actually, it's been awhile since part of my lip has puffed up.

You're seeing this, right?

Here let me add another picture, just to make sure...


What am I so stressed about? Little life things, nothing major, nothing new. I can't wait until Digger comes home. One of the best parts of stress lip is greeting him with a big old kiss! Pucker up Buttercup!


Burgess said...

I get those, too! Once when I was dating Zane I got one so bad that I wouldn't let him see me for like 3 days.

Susan said...

I do see it. So sorry that you have to deal with it. Hopefully it is better now. love you!

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