datestampMonday, February 8, 2010

4 months

Being four months old has it's moments. I've learned to mimic my silly dad when he blows raspberries and coughs. Mom said I was a genius! It doesn't take much to please her.

No matter what mom does, this picture refuses to turn. So tilt your head and see how cute my brother and I are. Good stuff.
On really stressful teething days, the bubble beard makes its apperance.
That's when mom busts out teething tablets, oragel and if I scream loud enough...the tylenol.
Then I'm a happy boy again!
Dad and I watched the game, Go Saints!
Stay tuned for next month. Who knows what new tricks I'll learn!!
(Cute diaper cover made by Gramma, yeehaw!)

Eeek! February is Celebrate the Boy month, love it. Check out these blogs for super cool ideas: Dana Made It & Made By Rae.

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Shauna- said...

Lets celebrate the boys in our lives!

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