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AZ Best Start Bag Project

The AZ Best Start Bag Project needs your help! We've gathered the samples and information that we believe will help breastfeeding families overcome any hurdles they might encounter and continue to breastfeed longer. We have local Midwives and Birth Centers willing to share this information with their clients. What we don't have are bags and that's where you come in...

This is a call for simple, handmade, reusable bags.  The finished product does need to be at least 12" wide by 14" long, have handles and be made of a sturdy material like quilting weight cotton. The tutorials here and here may help get you headed in the right direction. Please feel free to ask questions as well.

Don't sew??? We'll gratefully accept reuseable shopping bags!

Our goal is for 200 bags by April 30, 2011---to be donated to families in May 2011. Are you in? Leave a comment on this post or on our Facebook page here!


For mailing address, please send an email to

Drop off locations:
The Center for True Harmony & Wellness
 2152 S. Vineyard #138, Mesa, AZ 85210
(near Baseline & Country Club)

Women's Birth & Wellness Center
504 W. University
Mesa 85201
Please call first

Blossom Birth & Wellness Center
2928 N. 18th Place
Phoenix, AZ, 85016
602 256 7766

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Kelly S Wise said...

I can't remember who organized last years Breastfeeding challenge AZ, but they might have had extra totes from the event.

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