datestampMonday, December 10, 2007

How many days until Christmas??!?!

Way too much time spent lurking on some really amazing blogs this last this one and this one and this one. And this story is absolutely's nice to know there are people out there who are so kind and loving and who pass their traditions of charity on to future generations~and those of us who stumble across their stories.
So, I got one crayon roll made, two apron ornaments and some Christmas cards made (Spanky did the stitching):

Then my machine went cRaZy! I think it's the timing again, so it's in the shop and I am just hoping it comes home in time for me to make some jamma bottoms out of this CUTE fabric for Digger, Spanky and me! I want it to be our Christmas Eve tradition to have new jammies~~~

I have the best friends! I am totally SpOiLeD!!! My friend Shauna picks my kid-o up from school everyday and brings him to the door~major service, especially since I tend some kid-o's after school and can't go get him myself. THANKS SHAUNA! My friend Susan gave our family an XBox and games, she gave me a bag full of scrap supplies....I'm going to miss her when they move to Huston next year, she's a great listener~thank goodness for the net and the phone and unlimited long distance. THANKS SUSAN! My SMIC leaders sent me my prize package for winning the October Challenge and HELLO! It's AWESOME! THANKS STACEY & WHITNEY! I hit the mother load of scrap supplies this weekend~and I've got Grunge Board. No excuses, I've got work to do! Have a WONDERFUL Monday!

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Keep up the good work.

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