datestampThursday, December 27, 2007

Lots of Fun!

What a whirl wind of a month! My hubbys birthday was the 24th, so Spanky and I took him to dinner and to see National Treasure 2. Spanky snapped this picture of us. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Santa brought Spanky a treasure chest with a map leading to his first two wheeler! Christmas was good...jammies all day, one happy kid and snuggling! My sweetheart even got me the new Cricut Design Studio software...can't wait to play!

Then on the 26th...Spanky's FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!! I wanted to cry and I told Digger...this one's getting too big, we need another one! Of course we'll keep the first least for a few more years. ;o) It sure would be nice for him to have a little brother.

My next post WILL be full of yummy crafty treats! I am putting Christmas away this week and I have a couple of extra daycare cuties, so next week and the new year will be the start of some beautiful crafting!

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