datestampFriday, March 28, 2008

Cute Kids and Creativity

I think spring needs a welcome banner, don't you?
This is project one of a class I am teaching in a few hours...that I am..........drum roll please..........almost ready for, ta da!

Project 2 is a mini-accordian sample showcases this adorable child, whom I love and adore. These SEI papers are 2-sided, so the girlies in my class will be able to create uniqueness if they so desire. Joy! They have two titles to chose from: "These are days you'll remember" Natalie Merchant and "These are the days of miracle and wonder" Paul Simon...both of which make me want to break out into song. I just might if class runs overtime...I can clear a room with my singing, I'm sure!

Speaking of cute's our friends little boy. Love this! Oh kids...they make life an adventure, don't they?

My favorite Mom-In-Law (no I don't have more than one) is visiting in 2 more sleeps (that's how we count down around here), so I am taking a blog break...not that I've been on much anywho...but I need my MIL time! I've set up a MIL sweat shop with patterns from here, fabric and my little old machine. I will have a yard sale buddy too, I'm so happy!

Cheers...see you in a week-ish!

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Shauna- said...

Misha - you are fabulous. I hope you have a great week with your MIL.


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