datestampWednesday, April 9, 2008

Gramma Was Here

Yesterday afternoon my muminlaw flew home to Oregon. We had a good visit...she snuggled and spoiled (just a little bit) her #1 Grandson and she sewed up a storm for me and she entered in Diggers coke points. Tomorrow is her birthday, so we took her to Chuck E Cheese's during her visit! Just what every Gramma wants right? It did go by pretty quickly though and then she was gone. So I am walking through the house this morning and I see a diet coke bottle...yup, Gramma was here!
Anyways, I am so darn meloncholoy today and occasionally down right grumpy (sorry Shauna and Deana)....I need some mindless activity, so I am going to organize my scrapbook paper. Pictures and happiness tomorrow...and maybe the sun will come out......

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