datestampSaturday, May 10, 2008


I've been spending all of my spare time in Forks, Washington this week. I read all three of Stephenie Meyers vampire books. Absolutely can't wait for August 2 and December 12.

Now I'm reading Stephenie's book that came out this week called The Host. This one is an alien novel and so far so good.


Shauna- said...
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Shauna- said...

Okay WOW, I know what we are doing for my birthday! I wonder if we can schedule for that now?

Love you,


Shauna- said...


I love it when you think out loud.

You Rock Girlfriend!

Annie said...

Hi Misha-
Hope you don't mind me dropping by your blog, I linked over here from blogger when I looked up "scrapbooking". When I saw this post about "Twilight" I just had to comment! When I read the books, I totally forgot to eat and drink. Or communicate with anyone. Or sleep, either.

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