datestampTuesday, May 13, 2008

I finished up The Host last night. It was a good book. One I could get into, but not completely lose my life over (um, like the Twilight series........seriously, I am holding myself back from starting Twilight all over again and half glad that I borrowed instead of purchased New Moon and Eclipse. Since I had to give them back, they aren't in my house to pour over again and again. I will own them when they come out in paperback though. Sigh...I miss Edward and Bella. See how lame-o I've become? I'm not alone though, check this out.) Anyways....back to The Host......made me think and it was very entertaining. I'll pretty much read anything and everything Setphenie comes up with from now on.......and being as I didn't eat while I was lost in her awesome stories, I'm calling it the Stephenie Meyer Diet....even fit-ish into a pair of jeans I've been avoiding, woohoo!

So China, yikes...scarey stuff. I've lived through 2 earthquakes, nothing as horrible as what's happening over there. I checked out Heidi Swapp's blog, but no update there. I hope the Swapp Fam is all okay. I know zilch about geography and how close they are or aren't to the quake. The church is of course doing all they can, see here.


Shauna- said...

i miss you and your thoughtful insights about the world around us.

maybe...someday you will get time again.


Annie said...

Yeah, just clicked on the link that led to TwilightMoms. I'm member number one hundred ninety something, screenname Annie (that's original, isn't it!) I don't have much time to spend on the forums though, just check the blog once in a while. I finally confessed to my book club that I'm a geeky TwilightMom the month we read Twilight and they were totally non-judgemental. Lol!

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