datestampTuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm done...

...I've been thinking about veggie-ness lately. I was a vegetarian through jr. high, high school and a year or two after h.s. I wasn't a good vegetarian. I ate horribly with the exception of salads...I do love a good salad. But last night we went out to dinner and I ordered chicken, choked a bit of it down and snagged a bit of steak off Spanky's plate (he certainly wasn't going to touch it and was distraught that it was even on his plate.) Seriously, I almost puked right then and there. And so I started thinking a lot more seriously last night about veggie-ness. My sweet boy is practically a veg by nature and here I've been trying to get him to try meat and the two things he'll eat are pepperoni and an occasional chicken nugget~wow, Mom great health benefits there! No more...I'm done. I am not pushing that crap on my son or myself anymore. Digger is a bit of a different story and he's a big boy, he's already making some really good health choices, so I'll support him by making healthy dinners.

When I went veg before I went off the animal rights deep end. I got in trouble putting stickers on meat in the grocery store. I went to marches and protests. I see things a bit differently now. I still think mistreatment of animals is horrid and should be stopped. I still think factory farming is disgusting. So what can I do about it? I certainly wont be slapping warning labels on packages in the butchers section, but I don't have to buy that crap either. I can teach my son to try new fruits and veggies. I can inform myself and live appropriately....USE MY HEAD!

Edited after Marily's comment....thanks for the inquiry! I'm not a fan of 'fake' meat, so I wont be substituting with the exception of those are yummy. Marily makes an important point....'meat' shouldn't be the focus of our meals. Who started that tradition? Let's break it. REBELS! Meatless Monday is a great idea....Thanks Marily!

We're having for dinner: salad, brown rice with green onion, carrot, corn and zuchinni. For dessert, fruit salad...yummy, yummy!

***Useful Veg Links*** (I just ordered my veg starter kit. This is a PETA site with tons of useful links to recipes.)

Emilie at Freeze Happy (notice button on side bar) has started adding veg recipes to her awesome site. Look at this one...I do believe it's vegan! Yummy!

This blog has been in my fav's for months. Recipes, cook book reviews, kid projects....I'm never disappointed with her posts.

Also....AZ people: $15 for a laundry basket full of fresh fruits and's well worth it! They've started the organic co-op now too!

That's a good start, ya? I'll post more as they come up!


Smith Family said...

You've got me thinking Misha. We are likely never going to be vegetarians, but we try not to overindulge on meat. I don't hardly ever make a main dish that is just a piece of meat. And Mondays at our house are "Meatless Mondays." Though you might need to help me out with some more good vegetarian recipes, I'm running out. We often end up with either tostadas w/ refried beans or spaghetti. Any ideas?

Shauna- said...

great thoughts....we love and support you and the guys!

Smith Family said...

Thanks, Misha! I especially liked the 'Vegan Vice' blog and will check back with that one.

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