datestampWednesday, July 23, 2008

Misha Scraps?

Are you sure? Doesn't feel like I'm much of a scrapper right now..........sigh..........Oh, I've been using my stash, but to create lovelies for my awesome Laurels and for Girls Camp goodies. No spoilers here, I wont show the goods until the girls have left for camp Saturday morning. I hope they like them, but I really hope they use them and get the messages I've tried to portray.

But back to scrap space is still under construction and coming along beautifully. It will be so nice to have my own retreat. I've been scouring the galleries over at and borrowing an idea here and there to make my space super functional. On the boards I saw this quote a woman used to decorate her craft room wall: "My Husband Let's Me Buy as Much Scrappin' Supplies as I Can Hide!" Is that so cute? Digger wanted me to leave the doors on the closet where he built my workspace so that he "didn't have to look at all that scrap crap!" (scrap crap being my term for the INVENTORY I've accumulated.)

So....I am challenging myself to complete the current challenge at Scrap Faith. See here.

Coming soon...

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