datestampTuesday, July 8, 2008


Surprisingly, I am not in the fetal position crying my eyes out. Amazingly, I've only shed a few tears over the last 4 days. I'm pretty sure the wrong movie, song, story....will send me into major boo-hoo's. Here's why:
*We weren't able to see our new little niece/cousin blessed this weekend. Too far away, too little money to buy plane tickets, too little time off work to drive.
*The diamond in my engagement ring is gone.
*Our computer died and took with it most of the pictures from the last year.
*When we do get to meet our little Adeline for the first time, we wont have to share her with a billion other family members.
*My super sweet and somewhat frivolous husband replaced my 'rock' within 2 hours of realizing it was gone....even though I am totally fine with 'just' the band.
*I have learned a valuable lesson in backing things up that live on my computer, I still have enough printed pictures to fill volumes of scrapbooks and THANK HEAVEN for the other places I had some of my favorite, blogs, snapfish, sent emails.

On Sunday, our amazing Young Women's Pres. taught the lesson. We discussed Obedience and the freedom that comes with being obedient to Heavenly Father and his commandments. We talked about knowledge being the one thing we take with us when we leave this life. So I guess the memories of the moments I snapped up this last year are really more important than owning the pictures. Although, my memory isn't that great and I tend to say "If it isn't in the scrapbook, it didn't happen." I suppose I can journal in those images I lost...

Go forth and back up!


Annie said...

Hi Misha-
Those are my little sister's wedding pics in Nauvoo this May. I wish I was that cute and young still!

Wow, you reminded me that we are down to mere weeks for Breaking Dawn! I better get reading, too! Gotta get New Moon back from my neice first so I can go straight through them. ;)

Tee said...

hang in there!!! i guess right now would not be a good time to ask you to post more picts ;) Maybe you could come visit Adeline before I leave?? Just a hint. Love you.

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