datestampTuesday, July 1, 2008

Family Blessing Hour

So this new home of ours deserves our best right? Declutter, simplify and personalize are key terms I've been focusing on. I've enlisted help from the FLY Lady. I'm taking baby steps and working toward a more organized family. One of the tips I saw was about a 'blessing hour.' I think basically you take 10 minutes a day to do things that bless your home and family (change the sheets is an example.) I put a Misha twist on it: In one hour, our family working together can get the yucky jobs done and have fun! We'll start at the front of the house, set the timer for 10 minutes and GO! Here's how I broke it down (this is a cut and paste of my list for the fridge):

Family Blessing Hour

Do as much in 10 minutes as possible for each area:

- Front Room (Dining and Living)
*straighten up movies, locate remotes
*dust furniture, TV screen, window sills
*tuck slip covers, arrange pillows
*clean off tables, tuck in chairs
*put away toys, etc.
*sweep and mop

- Kitchen and Trash
*dishes: clean put away/dirty washed
*wipe down counters and appliances
*organize fridge, wipe out
*wash sliding glass door
*sweep and mop

- Spanky’s Room and Hallway
*dust furniture, t.v. screen, light fixtures
*make beds
*clean off desk, tuck in chairs
*put away toys, clothes etc.
*clean up movies and books

- Love Nest and Bathroom
*make bed
*dust furniture
*swish and swipe
*clean sliding glass doors
*put away clothes
*sweep and mop

- Back Yard and Patio
*pooper scoop
*wipe off freezer
*pick up toys and balls
*clean off tables, tuck in chairs
*water plants
*sweep and hose off patio

- When chores are done, play a game together, like UNO, Go Fish or Crazy Eights!

A clean home is a blessing for our family!
So that's pretty much it. If you couldn't figure it out, the Love Nest is our master bedroom. We'll set the timer for the games too. I think sometimes we (the parents) hesitate to pull out the games, because it will take 'forever.' Tonight we put this plan into action for the first time. I think it will be fun and if we can do this once a week along with the Fly Lady habits I am in training for........a clean and happy home will be ours, don't you think? I already found my kitchen counters and my sink *sparkles*.....yes!
Plans for the 4th??? We are creating my creative space. My super friends Shauna and Judy got me THIS whole set up for my birthday way back in March. Finally I get to put it into action! Pictures and new creations coming soon..........
Enjoy your Independence!


Susan said...

Yeah Misha! I think that I need to work on flying with you. I have good intentions, but just need a bit more organization. Keep it up.

Smith Family said...

Hey Misha!! Flylady's pretty cool, eh? If only I could actually keep up with it all, but you know... you do what you can. Just checkin', you got my email about Wilhelm staying with us, right? We're looking forward to it!!

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