datestampThursday, November 6, 2008

apron wearing, bread baking, diaper changing mamma!

Pioneer Park, Bend, OR (This is where Digger proposed.)

I am so domestic this week. You'd think having 8 billion daycare kids would mean I got less done, but I think my brain said BE ORGANIZED OR LIFE WILL SUCK! So I've stuck to my meal plan, put away most of the toys (yes, less toys=less mess, less drama, more creative play, who knew?) and I've sat down and played with the kids more. We've made it to the circle (park-like area) twice to run and play and bounce the ball.

Right now my house should smell like nasty diapers, because everyone pooped at once, but it doesn' smells like fresh bread......cause I'm making fresh bread in the bread machine! For lunch! I could have gone to the store last night and bought bread, I thought about it. I'm glad I didn't.

True, I am already behind on my handmade holidays checklist and just barely getting Spanky's birthday Thank You's sent (sorry everyone)....but my d/c kids love to come here and go home safe and happy. My family has had dinner at the table each night together this week. My first letter to my favorite missionary will be sent while she's still in the MTC! Small victories that mean a lot!


Burgess said...

I know I've said it before, but please believe me when I say...
I want to be just like you! I only have one kid and I never get ANYTHING done!!

MishaLee said...

oh burgess, i love you. believe me i could write a few posts that would have you jumping for joy that you are not me. getting a few things done is a major accomplishment for me, not the daily norm. thanks for the vote of confidence. and by the way, i pretty much think you rock!

Shauna- said...

You Rock! Thanks you for being my friend and posting successes for me to share.

Love you,


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