datestampWednesday, November 5, 2008

The Kids Called It......... Spanky's school Obama won 61 to 18. Spanky was a tiny bit quiet about not being on the 'winning team', but then he shrugged his shoulders and went to color a picture. Over 300.000 AZ Kids voted yesterday at their schools, this is the website:
..........the daycare kids elected the blue frosted sugar cookies over the red. Neither of the candidates looked very great, but they both tasted equally delish. I really need to learn how to make frosting though.
As far as the election goes:
It wasn't my particular choice. That being said, as a Regan Era girl, I believe the office of President of this amazing country deserves respect. I will continue to speak of Obama politely and pray he surrounds himself with intelligent and capable people in his presidency. I'm glad that his supporters are so excited. I couldn't get really excited about any of the choices this go around. I hope he lives up to what people expect of him and brings honor and respect to our country.
So, moving on........Soule Mama strikes again! Check out her new endeavour and make some baby caps (AZ girls, my box of caps will be sent out on December 5......should you like to save postage, bring them over to my casa and add them to my flat rate box!) I am knitting some 100% cotton caps for starters, but will probably make a few cotton t-shirt ones as well.

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