datestampSaturday, January 24, 2009

It's a family thing.

Last week or the week before, I'm lost for dates as January has been a blur of sickness and New Beginnings (a program for the young women of my church)...anyways, I was thinking about changing the name of my blog. I refuse to use 'musings' in the title by the way, yikes that word is in the title of every other blog on the planet. So I was thinking that what started out to be a scrapbook blog is actually now a personal blog...part family, part craftiness, part whatever the heck I want. And it's my personal journal. So I was thinking about the word 'personal' and I thought of something Digger and I say to each other all the time, an inside joke if you will. We say "That's a bit personal, don'tcha think?" and then laugh like we just told a really funny joke.

Because it kinda is a funny joke.

See, back in the day when we lived in Vegas, we had a favorite radio morning show The Mark & Mercedes Show on Mix 94.1. We'd laugh so hard driving to work, I'm surprised we didn't crash the car. Digger even had them call me at work once with a gag they did ..... Arnold Schwarzenegger was the one who called me, sort of ..... and for as many times as I laughed at other people who got this call, I didn't recognize it when I got it. I could spit milk out my nose thinking about that one...

So they interviewed Jakob Dylan (lead singer of The Wallflowers and son of Bob) and pretty much EVERY question they asked him, he answered by saying...can you guess?

"That's a bit personal, don'tcha think?"

He said it to the point where I think they started asking even more personal questions, just to hear that answer. And then they ripped on him for the next couple of weeks and even had the clip of him saying that on their ad.

It was so funny.

And yes, you probably had to be there.

* * *

My Grandparents have a similar tradition. They say 'wing-wing' and there is an action to it as well, you put a hand in your pit and flap your 'wing' while you say it, unless it's a really funny wing-wing, then you gotta have two wings!

It goes something like this...

Grandma has just prepared a feast for the family, the table is beautiful, the house smells great, we all sit down to eat. Half way through the meal, Grandma exclaims, "Oh dear, I forgot the (fill in the blank with random food item, totally NOT missed.)" Enter Grandpa with a big old Wing-Wing.

It's hilarious.

I have no idea what started it, but it's been happening before the birth of me.

I love it.

* * *

So do all families have this sort of thing? (I hope so.)

Is there a name for this phenomenon?

What's your families 'thing'?

Oh, let me guess.....

That's a bit personal,
don'tcha think?


Shauna- said...

Your Family ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Actually WING WING is your Grandfather and Mother winging generally over the comments and/or actions of your Grandmother and continue to this day.

MishaLee said...

hum....could anonymous be my 'Mother'??? Probably. And if so this would be the first contact in like....4 years. Must have hit a nerve, but the winging happens with or without her.
Hi Mom.

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