datestampTuesday, January 27, 2009


there is some serious talent going on in the photography business of mesa, az! i am amazed and in awe of these two talents:

ironwood photography

boyd's work is so classic. he works wonders with black&white and the details are so crisp, that's always the first thing i notice on his pictures. his new site seems to have his portraits up and i hope he adds his landscape pictures, because they are wonderful as well.

how lucky am i? my good friend shauna is wife of mr. ironwood photography! i send my kid on a playdate and get awesome pictures of my favorite subject when i pick him up. check this one out, makes me think of the movie reservoir dogs (strange thing to think of your kid, you say? possibly, but look at that face! and apprently, this is the new way to wear a clip-on tie.)

you should check out his site and shauna's blog. and from what i hear boyd is doing project 365, so shauna gets new amazing pics daily! scrappers dream!

llyod zeffler

i am such a blond sometimes. i was admiring 'llyod's' work before i put two and two together and realized, hey this is my friends husband.....duh. in my defense, their last name isn't zeffler and his name isn't llyod. there's probably some super cool reason for the name, but let's face it, i'm not all that 'cool.' but zane's pictures are.....check them out!

Tutu's & Bowties

NO WAY were your senior pictures were this cool, unless zane took them!

little izzy rocks & rolls!

someday i'd like to learn a thing or two about photography and photoshop and be the proud mama of this little sweetheart. i fawned over him at the best buy camera nursery the other night. *sigh* for now i'll leave the real art to the pro's!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's me. Thanks for the mention. The origin of the name is probably not as cool as it sounds, but it has kind of taken on a life of its own.

We'll have to get together so I can shoot your family too.

Shauna- said...

Thanks Misha for the SHOUT OUT!

Ironwood Photography is Boyd's passion. He loves to capture moments of people and places on film.
My kids are used to the camera always out and the idea anything is fair shooting material. As Misha mentioned, Boyd is participating in 365. I will get him to post on his blog some of the AWESOME photos he has captured this year already. Yesterday, he snapped one of Will before and after he had tubes place in his small ears....

Gotta love a guy who loves to take pictures of our kids!

Susan said...

I love Spanky's picture! I miss the play date photo shoots too! Gotta love the Ironwood!

I didn't realize that Zane was doing photog too. His pictures are AWESOME and ARTSY too.

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