datestampThursday, January 15, 2009

Popcorn Words!

Yet another fabulous Hybrid Kid download.....Popcorn Sight Words!

Check them out in action>>>
Spanky made his own list of words.
Not sure why et, I don't think he's even seen the movie, but for me!
I added a Velcro dot to the envelope for storing the letters and put everything in a page protector for easy storage.
Mel includes a blank page in the download, so I googled more words and now have a set of six pages that get progressively harder. There are also blank flashcards and what I am doing with those is when the child can name the word on the paper all by themselves, they get that word added to their 'book.' I'll laminate it, hole punch one corner and put it on a binder ring...soon they will see one of these words and POP ~ they'll know just what it is!

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