datestampTuesday, January 13, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 2

I'm not gonna lie to you....I didn't take a picture every single day this last week. I was super sick and hanging out in bed a lot and soooo sick that Digger stayed home and helped me with daycare on Monday and came home early Tuesday, because he was worried about me (and had some homework to finish up.) Seriously, I have such a wonderful husband.

So not a perfect picture taking week. But so what, right? Are the Project 365 police gonna come haul me away? I am keepin' on! Here's what I did snap up:

A spot of herbal tea with my very last lady finger, super delicious English cookie from my sis*in*law faithfully serving a mission in London. Her little note says "So yummy! Please enjoy! They are the best {heart} Me" I've got to say they were pretty darn awesome, but we think YOU are the best little sis!

I was thinkin' Donimo (no that's not a typo) doesn't get enough blog love, then I started trying to get a good picture of him.........this is the best I could do. He's our Marley for sure...worst puppy ever! But we love him.
Oh, scared me with that whole 'we're not making instant film' thing. My heart was broken. I held close to me those sweet polaroids of my youth and the fun i-Zone sticky pictures of a few years ago. AND then....WHAT??? Zink and the PoGo??!! I love you all over again! My husbands co-worker says you'll never pay for yourself. I don't care. I love you. I'm excited for the new memories we'll capture together 2"x3" at a time...

With mom spending most of the New Year being sick, Dad has started making us healthy smoothies...I mean MILKSHAKES, oops what was I thinking....ssshhh, don't tell Spanky they are good for him...

Spanky modeling our new Ikea chairs. I needed one or two more kid chairs, but these 3 bad boys were in the AS-IS section and they wanted to stay together, so we picked them all up at a steal! Wanna know why they were put in the AS-IS? They were floor models...I'm thinking maybe for a day, because they weren't even scuffed on the bottom. Thanks Ikea!

My FIL had surgery last week and is now home and on the mend like a trooper! We've had enough of the c-word (cancer) in this family and have decided not to have anymore of it. We're good, lessons learned, eating and living more cancer, please!
My goal for the next week of pictures is to practice getting good close-ups using my cameras' macro feature.
Have a wonderful, healthy, happy week!

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