datestampFriday, February 20, 2009

Post 101

Check me out....I've had something to say 101 times! I am way better at this then I am at keeping a journal.

Well, I've got projects galore in the works. This week I made wristlets and I'm almost done with the matching scarf for my sister-in-law who is currently freezing her buns off in London.

One of my former daycare kids is getting baptised tomorrow, so I am working on a "Remember Who You Are" picture frame. I was also asked to give a short talk at the baptism, so I need to prepare that.

My sons school is putting on an opera, "The Song of Hiawatha" and I get to sew up 8 pairs of brown pants. Granted they are the easy jamma style pants, but remember how I got Spanky's Christmas jammas done at like 10pm on Christmas Eve and Diggers on Christmas morning and mine on New Years? Ya, so I get the fabric this afternoon and need to have the pants sewn up by Tuesday or Wednesday. Lucky for mom-in-law is coming to spend the week with me starting Monday, woohoo!!! It's a wonder she keeps coming back, I set up a little sweat shop for her and make her sew all sorts of things, I was suppost to sew myself!

My housework has suffered the last couple of weeks, due to another yet-to-be-named project. My husband has been a lot of help, but you know...the house really needs a "woman's touch." So that is my big weekend project...clean up the house! I pray for the energy to accomlish all my tasks!

What are you working on?

Pictures of completed projects coming soon.....Have a great weekend.


Susan said...

yeah for mom-in-law coming to help! I hope you are feeling well. I have been thinking of you a lot recently. I hear you on the house thing. It didn't even get cleaned very well before my parents and bro came for their visit. love you!

Shauna- said...

What Projects? I am a week behind, but I understand the whole projects galore thing. Good Luck!

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