datestampWednesday, March 4, 2009

33 and loving...

...etsy finds. I am lurking here, here and here. Not buying yet, just dreaming, budgeting and thinking can I make this myself? I did buy this one, hoping to make it (correctly and cutely) for my mum-in-law's birthday.

...calming, meditative yoga. Pure joy.

...tutorials. Seriously, you can find the most amazing how-to's on the net and people make these beautiful and FREE pdf files with details and pictures, how nice is that? I have a couple of things I'd like to make into tutorials, when I figure how to do it. In the mean time check here, here and here. Tutorials and patterns for free!

...dreaming about this for birthday cake, but probably settling for the peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies I just made. Maybe my Grammy will make me angel food cake with strawberries, *hint, hint*wink, wink*:

...all the calls and emails from friends and family today! Thankful for the sort of friends that, even though we haven't talked for a's like we talk daily when we do!

...a little boy who so sweetly requested I make him cupcakes for my birthday. amazing supportive husband who still makes me all giddy. Can't wait for that man to get home!

Hope my birthday rocks for you too!


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Misha! I would call you but it is way too late tonight. And I just realized that it is my sister's birthday today too and I forgot to call her. oops! I hope your day was fabulous!

simplyshye said...

Yes -YES !! Hope it rocked !! I'm not sure what i was thinking ... but i went to pick up my miss from yw on wed night and TOTALLY looked for YOU !! I had a treat and card for you ... now why i was thinking that you would be there on wed is - well not really sure how my brain works sometimes :-) BUT !!! i still have it and i SHALL find you and get it to YOU !!! love YOU -- shye

Susan said...

Did you get your cake yet? Love you!

MishaLee said...

My awesome Grammy emailed when she saw this post to say she had already planned on making me angel food and strawberries. She's the best! Can't wait for our visit!

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