datestampThursday, March 26, 2009

Kitchen & Apron Sewing

FINALLY, I have completed a couple of projects for the kids.

The apron is a free pdf you can get here.
The roll-up kitchen is also a freebie you can find here.

Both were very simple to make. I would have liked to do a better job on the kitchen and add a few embellishments (like H & C for hot and cold on the sink knobs.) I was totally being pressured by a persistent 4yo girl who had prep'd 'burger-cheese's' and was waiting on me to be able to cook. People were hungry, there was no time for extras.

The apron is very small. Perfect for the 4yo, but I have some star wars fabric I want to make one for Spanky out of, so I will have to make the pattern pieces larger. All in all, these were fun to make and used very little in the way of supplies.
I am super grateful for talented ladies who share their talents so beautifully and without asking for anything in return. Now that's friendly!

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Susan said...

love, love, love the little apron and kitchen. I think that I am going to make that for my nieces. I don't know if my boys would like it. LOL! love you!

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