datestampMonday, March 30, 2009

Guess What?

That nice bold line is the one that says we're having a baby!!! Woohoo!

We've known since 2-3-2009 at 5 weeks. Finally I am letting the cat out of the bag in our 13th week. Feeling better and more confident that all is well. So the next few prego posts were written in the last 8 weeks.


Once again Digger knew first.

He said the death threats and stink eye gave me away. Guess I am a little grumpy when first prego.

Due date: 10-09-09
(Spanky's birthday is 10-10, so we're fairly consistant.)

Yes, we'll find out the baby's gender.
I'm afraid Dig and I will be the only ones excited if it's a boy.
Seems most of the fam and friends, even the big brother...have fingers crossed for a girl.

I'm going for even more natural then I did with pitocin, no talking me into pain killers that don't help anyways and a more informed mama.

Even got me a Doc who's all for as natural as you want to go!

Right now I am pretty excited about cloth diapers (no, I don't have a fever.) The more I research, the more I know this is the right route for our family.

Breast is best and my baby will be nursed, but Spanky has already insisted that he gets to help feed the baby. So I'll be dusting off my trusty pump (the 2002 version), getting a few replacement parts and buying GLASS Medela bottles.

Ever seen a grown woman squeel in delight over baby bottles?

That was me at Target the night I found these. Eeekk! So excited!

Still thinking over logistics. I loved having Spanky in bed with us most of the time, but I literally just got him out of our bed this school year. I always said #2 was going stright to the crib. Now, I think...this may be my last baby. I want every snuggle minute I can get. On the other hand, Saturday nights are Spanky's nights to snuggle, can't take that away from him and wouldn't be able to sleep with all 4 of us, even in a king bed. I just don't know...

Pregnancy in the summer in Arizona isn't the funnest thing in the world, espcially without access to a pool. I do believe we'll be hanging out on the patio with a kiddie pool and spray bottles this summer.

Will I still want to knit for my baby when it's 115 degrees?

I think I may be eating my weight in fresh pineapple again this pregnancy. I'm behind on the last time, because of the wretched morning sickness....but have a sneaking suspicion I can catch up.

Overall...excited, thrilled, nervous, grateful, preparing, dreaming...


Burgess said...

SOOOO excited for you (okay, and a little jealous)!!!

I'm not kidding -- call me whenever you need something. I can even do a pineapple run if necessary :)


Marily said...

YAY!! How exciting! I was wondering if this is what you meant when you said you were working on a "new unnamed project" but of course, didn't want to ASSUME. Congrats!!

MishaLee said...

Burgess,'ve helped so much already. I just might take you up on that pineapple run one of these days!

Marily...That's EXACTLY what I meant when I said unnamed project! It was like 2.5 weeks after my drama rant that I found out, but I stand by my wasn't her business and if I didn't know...she surely didn't know.

I should do a "How to Get Pregnant" post: *flip out at people who ask you if you are pregnant, *buy a ginormous bag of pads, *and tell everyone you're pretty sure you can't get pregnant. Worked for me!

Thanks girlys!

becki said...

That's the greatest news ever! I pretty much love my glass bottles AND nursing. And I almost did cloth diapers but couldn't get everyone on board! Hooray for you and let me know if you need anything!

simplyshye said...

YAAA ! As i looked at you last night -- I was soooo jumping up and down in my mind for you !! For all 4 of you :-) Congrats ! I'm so flippin excited for everyone !

Maybe i should try your tips to getting prego -- oh No Wait - think i've done all those ... hehhe MAybe I shall try agains .

Also - Also -- i wanted to get the quote from your sister last night - i love it -- can i get her name and etc, when you have a sec ?
thanks misha !!! loves to ALL of you !

Susan said...

I am so happy for you! WOO HOO!

Nielson Family said...

I feel a little behind, but still wanted to say, "HOORAY!"

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