datestampMonday, April 6, 2009


Axel James


Rennah LeeAnn

ha! gotcha.


this little bugger put on a show for his/her grateful parents. measuring at a little over 1.5 inches/10wks, 4 days (three days ahead of schedule, thank you very much) stretched his legs and did a 1-2 punch! on top of that, baby was sitting up...already!

pure genius.

big brother didn't have much of a reaction. he is sticking with his request for a sister.

the clarity in real life was so amazing. ultrasounds have come a long way since our first one. we could see little arms and legs, one amazing brain and a little one already transforming from ailenish to babyish.

how can you not feel like the most blessed people on the planet when you see your prayers answered? we are extremely grateful and feel very loved.


simplyshye said...

I am so happy for you too ! it is amazing to feel your prayers answered - i hear ya ;-)

Burgess said...

Really, when you can see the little thing develop inside do people NOT believe in God?

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