datestampTuesday, April 7, 2009

Thyroid Cancer and Pregnancy~1st Trimester

Thyroid cancer may be 'the' cancer to have if you have to have cancer, but that doesn't make it any less of a pain in the butt.

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, immediately called my Endocrinologist (even my OB got second place) and the blood bath began.

5 weeks: First blood test. TSH .34 ~ and what exactly does that mean? Well if a 'normal' person, you maybe, had this # you'd be cleaning house, turning cartwheels and probably be pretty skinny. Not me. I make it through the day, sleep okay most nights, still have trouble losing weight.

6 weeks: The OB sends me in to get my blood work done, because it's so much fun for me. I get a bloodsucker who can't find a vein, yet continually pokes me. Finally she gets the baby butterfly needle out and manages to see the blue line on the back of my hand. People, I may have veins that hide in fear from so much abuse, but I am a pale, pastey, white girl...find the target for the LOVE! Anyways, that bloodwork comes back (I'm STD free by the way, you'll be happy to know...I didn't know I was suppost to be concerned!) and my TSH is 0.14, which sends my OB's office into a tizzy, but not my Endo's...they tell me to take 6.5 pills a week instead of 7, no problem. But because I like to humor people, I go back for MORE blood suckage at...

7 weeks: Now we're at .04 and am I bouncing off the walls? Nope, I'm crashing even earlier. I feel like a slug. Try to research thyroid suppression therapy in pregnancy, relivent to thyroid cancer. Not a whole lot out there. I am a member of Thyca in Childbearing yahoo group, so I've emailed them and looked into past posts for people with similar issues. That's helped a little, but kinda made me nervous about miscarriage as well. But after talking to my Endo, he says it's okay, just take 6 pills a week, now Sunday truly is a day of rest! Woohoo!

10 weeks: More blood suckge, but this time at my Endo's office again, whew...cause tht's one vampire who knows what he's doing. Hardly felt a pinch. I find out the results at...

11 & 12 weeks: Not a lot of change, but everything seems to be fine and that's all that matters!


Susan said...

I am glad that everything is fine! Here's to hoping it stays that way. love you.

simplyshye said...

Im glad it's fine too . Man ! that dang thyroid -- I guess it's like most things - it's fine ... till somethings wrong with it . Hmm - o wait that doesn't make sense , but kinda it does ;-)
I'm sorry misha - thinking of YOU !

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