datestampWednesday, April 1, 2009

Relief Society

Since I have been serving in the Young Womens and growing to love it, I have missed attending Relief Society less and less. It was difficult at first, I admit. I really love Relief Society. However, last night we had our annual RS Birthday Party at church and I remembered while sitting there listening to the wonderful speakers, that you don't have to attend RS on Sunday to be a member. No, that doesn't mean you can just means that we all have our seasons in other Young Womens or Primary.

Each speaker had one of the 14 past RS General Presidents to discuss and I was asked to introduce Sister Louise Y. Robison, General RS President from 1928-1939. Sister Robison was awesome. She was tactful, resourceful, and best of all...she had common sence, a virtue in my opinion that is greatly lacking in our world.

Serving during the Great Depression probably brought out her ability to make due. She was able to use humor and gentleness to make her point known. When the General Authorities suggested the women remove their large hats during services, many did not comply. (A personal pet peeve of mine is hats in church. Usually you only see it at Easter in our church.) So Sister Robison announced at RS Conference that they would remain seated for the first hymn, stating: "I'm sure you have your book and papers and your hats on your laps, and I'm afraid it would be hard for you to hold all of them if you stand." I wish I could show that kind of tact instead of getting grumpy. I wonder how often I don't heed the 'suggestions' of the General Authorities, because they aren't put into commandment form?

I am really thankful for this assignment to learn more about this great lady. Her example is very relivent to us today. If you'd like to learn more about Sister Robison (here or here), Relief Society or the Church in general, click on the links.

"Go where you're needed; do what you can." Louise Y. Robison


Susan said...

she sounds like an awesome lady! I love her story about the hats. LOL! I also love Elder Uchtdorf's create message too! I think about it often when I am making things everyday.

Burgess said...

I feel the same way about being in Primary -- I often have to remind myself that I'm a member of the RS, too. I'm sorry I miss all the activities, though. Working at night stinks! I miss everything! Thanks for putting it up here, I enjoyed reading about her.

simplyshye said...

thanks misha !! love that quote

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