datestampFriday, May 22, 2009

blame it on my brother....

Spanky was such a champ at the hour long ultrasound appointment yesterday. He was super quiet and not surprised that we get an Axel instead of the Rennah he originally requested. After all, he did scan my belly with a laser pointer and pronounced it was a boy four whole days before the US. He's excited to have a baby brother.

So when he called Gramma and Grampa to tell them the good news he talked their ears off. Gramma knew I also had my yearly thyroid cancer ultrasound yesterday, but didn't know it was later in the afternoon. So she asked Spanky if he also got to see inside mommy's neck. After a pause, he said "Gramma, the baby is in mom's belly!" I imagine it's not always easy to be 6 years old and have to explain to your Grandmother where babies are before they are born.

I wonder if he 'got it' later that day when we did got for my thyroid US. (Which, by the way, showed no visable cancer, woohoo!)

Enjoy your weekend!


angieinpink said...

i love your sidebar "currently creating a sibling for my firstborn." so cute!

The Metcalf's said...

Just wanted to say Congratulations!! We are so excited for you!

Susan said...

yeah! Glad that thyroid US was clear. Such good news. love yoU!

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